Tips on dating transgender girls

1. Do some researches

Before dating a transgender girl, I think it is important to do some researches about LGBT community, transgender community, and especially transgender women. Making yourself know more about transgender women, this is the best way to know about how to date transgender women. On other other hand, you should what kind of relationship will you get into before find your ts dating partners. Living as trans women, there are many difficulties ahead of them. If you are prepare to date a trans woman, you should be ready to face these transgender issue.

2. Be a secure man
According to my personal experience, most of transgender women want to date men who make them feel secure and be loved. They want to date men who are not ashamed to be with them. We know that many men date transgender women for fun, and even feel ashamed to be with their trans partners. All transgender women want to date men who can be confident to say my girl friend is a trans girl. If you are not comfortable when have a transgender dating in public places, trans girls are not great choices for you. I not mean you should tell everyone that your girl friend is a trans girl, but when other people find that she is a trans girl, how do you introduce your girl friend to them? I hope you can be proud to say she is a trans girl. she is my girlfriend.

3. Be ready to deal with difficult situation
If you want to have a tranny date, you should be ready to face many difficult situations. Many transgender women have problem with their body, for example, some of them feel uncomfortable when you touching a certain part of their body. You should accept the reality that transgender women are a little bit different from normal women. They feel insecure if you are too picky when dating them. I think this is a reason why most of transgender women are lack of confidence. In fact, they've tried their best to make themselves look the same as real women.

4. Have a discussion
Have a discussion with your partner before having a relationship with her. It is important to discuss what you and your partner are comfortable with or not comfortable with, especially if your partner is a trans woman without transition surgery. Not all transgender women are comfortable when touching with men, so it is important to discuss the limits and boundaries with your trans partners. You don't want to feel uncomfortable while dating your partner, and you also don't want to make your partner feel uncomfortable.

5. You are not gay
No matter you are dating transgender women for fun or for serious relationships, dating transgender women never mean you are gay. This is one of the main mistakes that normal people made. However, if you cannot accept dating transgender women, please don't follow the trend and do something you don't like. It will make you feel uncomfortable.