Don'ts in A Transgender Dating

Many times we want to know our dating partners during a date, but because of a sentence or a certain thing, the situation suddenly becomes very bad. If you are about to start a trans date, then what you should do and what you should not do is something you need to know in advance. In fact, all dating is like this, not just for transgender dating. Think of every appointment as an investment, and your words and deeds are the seeds that may promote the development of your relationship. So in your transgender dating, be sure to be cautious and not to say anything wrong. Today we will discuss in depth what we should not do in a trans date. I hope it will help you with your next transgender date.

What you should not say

She is still a man

Obviously this is something that should not be said very much. But many people who first dated with transgender women want to argue with me. I am a trans woman now, they want to know how to do it before they can feel the same with me. Because from a certain point of view, I am still a man. What these people don't know is that as trans people, we have started to fight against life very early. We have been assigned the wrong gender since birth. When we realize that this is starting, every day we are struggling to become a real self. The suffering suffered during this period is not something you can imagine.

She also needs a bigger chest

Of course, transgender women do not need to. The body is its own, no matter how they treat their bodies, they should have the final say of the trans women themselves. No one else has the right to slap their bodies. Not to make you look good, but let them become what you want.

Make fun of her real name

Many men believe that the true names of transgender women are definitely not in line with their current status, so they think that the birth name of trans women will be interesting. However, jokes with the name of a person are not a kind of humor, but an offense. If you want to show your humor on a date, then it's best to think of some jokes. If there is no joke, then don't try to show your interesting side.

Let her make greater efforts to become beautiful

When talking, say a famous transgender woman and then tell her that people who want to become like this should work harder. Do you feel that the unsolicited opinion is great? But not everyone needs a life tutor. Transgender girls are strong and independent. You don't need to make any decisions for them.