Dating a Trans Guy

You are dating a Normal Guy

Trans man are just like any other guy in the the Earth you date. It's nothing different. Not at all. Just don't assume things by your own perception. There's nothing to be afraid of. There's nothing to be ashamed of while dating a transgender guy. He is just as a normal human being as you are. He also deserves love like any other guy in any relationship. And yes he can love you like no one else.

Trans Men are not Lesbians

If you really think that trans men are lesbians or gay you seriously need some information about being trans or their mentality. They are not gay or lesbians. They are normal as you are. Do not make anything in your mind about anyone until they themselves tell you about their choice if loving someone. Be mature enough to make any perception about anyone.

Do not discuss their sexuality

Never do that in trans dating. That's none of your business. You are not with them to discuss their transness or have a debate on that topic. If they really wanna tell you something then It's fine otherwise do not try to start this topic at your own. That's not an healthy topic to talk toa trans guy. Trans people get frustrated when someone starts talking about their transness. It's like you do not have any other topic to talk about to them. So you better have good things on your mind to talk about. And don't worry about their transness. Once he is comfortable with you he will tell you everything what's necessary.

Give only sincere compliments

Of course not. Backhanded compliments always conveys a bad message to the trans people. They won't like you if you do that. And dating a trans guy is about seeing the happiness together. Discuss good things with him like your future together, your career or his career. Setting things for the future and discussions on topics like that are always welcomed. And you should learn to give good compliments which shows them love. Not the embarrassing comments or some dirty compliment.

Be Yourself And Let Them Be

Firstly make them so comfortable that they can be what they are and they don't feel any need to be something else they aren't. If they can be who they are only than you will be able to know true side of theirs. After all you are dating someone. It's about being real. Be who you are. Show them the real side of yours. Tell them directly what do you like and what not and ask them the same thing. Stay clear of your wants, likes and dislikes. Being who you are is the proudest thing you can do to yourself and your self image.

So, these are few of the points that should be kept in mind while dating a trans guy. Just stay simple and stick to the basics.and you are much ahead in the game.