Reasons for I want to look like a trans woman

I knew I’m a girls from the moment of my birth, and I was called ‘pansy’ by many boys. I had the name when I was eight and thought it was a lovely name.
I asked my father:”will you call me that name?” “no”, he said uncertainly. And my father agreed to call me as ‘pansy’ only at story time.
At first, I knew nothing about transgender, but I knew I wasn’t a boy and I were a girl. So, many people asked me. why I acted like a girl.
I kept this secret for 10 years. I didn’t get reconstructive surgery when I was young, and one day, a doctor told me,”we can do it for you”, I was 30 at that time, I felt that I found myself.
When I decided to get surgery, everyone give me different advice like,”You can do it if you really want to be a woman”. I went put with my friends one day, and they told me:”happy to see you, we are so glad you want to do this, but you still need to think twice before that.”
I also got some advice on how to look like a woman, like how to make up, how to choose my clothes. I don’t know what is considered appropriate clothing, although I watch many shows about clothing.
My friends often ask me:”why you want to be a woman? you are really attractive as a man, you’ll no longer attractive if you do that”. “are you going to change every organ on your face, your chin, nose, lips”, “how about your wide shoulders and your tits?”
These questions made me fully understand the concept of “passing”. This is really a serious problem for most people, and not everyone can accept our changes.
I also realized that I need to get surgery to change my gender and appearance, and this is the only way for me to become a real woman. Like many trans women, Hiding is the only way for us to avoid from stigma, or pretend that nothing had happened. Trans women are often attracted by other people, and they are add, freakish and unacceptable in some people’s eyes.
I used to be a man for many years, and my body is beautiful in my eyes. It’s nothing like a binary woman, or man’s body.
I love who I am today, because I’m a trans woman who looks like real a woman. Thanks to the advice from my friends and other people, I’ve really became the one I want to be.
Over the past few years, I started to learn my body in a new way, and I love everything about trans body.
Don’t judge someone who want to do something different. The answer is always in my heart as I can really embrace my transgress. I don’t want to hide my gender and I’m proud of being a trans woman.
As trans women, the only thing we can do for ourselves is love our body and enjoy our way of life.

Is dating with a Transsexual, makes you a Gay?


There are many questions and myths about dating with transsexuals. One of the biggest myths is – you are gay if you are dating with a transsexual person. Well many of us ask the similar questions in too many websites like but simply the answer is big NO. You are not gay if you are dating with a transsexual.

There are many men that called themselves ‘Straight’ but they are not actually straight. Does it mean that they are Gay, lesbian or bi-sexual? No, Not really. But this is the people perspective and would categorize them in different labels. That is the same case when we talk about transsexual. Basically we need to know after all it’s a men’s choice what he likes or dislikes about his sexual attraction or relationship. Dating with transsexual or transgender isn’t really relates to gay dating or lesbian dating. Many terms based on this theory are not relevant or not even related to reality of transsexual life.

However, it’s a fact that most of men are looking for transgender for dating. It is believed that a transsexual owns more feminine than a real women. To love and companionship, a transsexual is far better than genetic women. It is true that there are more complications with real women in bed or making love. But there isn’t really any issue with a transsexual. Because transsexuals were born as a male but having a mind of a female and this chemistry makes them more feminine than a genuine women. It is really hard to detect the transsexual due to the outfits that transsexuals wear and a kind of feminine they owns.

When we talk about the men who are interested in or dating transsexual are gay, this is not really true as gay men really don’t like to date any partner who is not a real man. Men dating with transsexual may be bi-sexual or straight but to really a gay. It is not correct to label them gay guys who are dating with a transsexual. Everyone has right to date anyone either he is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or even transsexual. There is nothing related to society wellness or illness, it’s all about personal desire, satisfaction, likes and dislikes about relationship or sexual orientation. No one can judge anyone’s relationship or his gender’s choice and likes. Being a transsexual is not any kind of illness or point of shame to anyone. This is the big thing and the fact that still have to be accepted or get approved by most of major countries.  However, few countries or states accepted this in all manners but still few are raising questions about their sexual orientation and bad effects to society.

Respect those who accepted themselves as a transsexual and never bothered about what other people or society will think about them.

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Challenges – You have to face as a Transsexual?

Looking for transsexual people? Here are the best solutions and tips to meet a transsexual. But before this you really need to know what exactly your requirements are and what you are looking into your Trans partner. Being a transsexual is not only about transition and hormones; it is also about the people around you? This may involve other people too but in the end, it’s all about you and your choice. What exactly you are thinking about transition as you need to take lot of things after transition. Gender isn’t really an issue but how to express yourself in public areas after transition is quite one of the major thing that you need to take care of. Here are few challenges that you can face after transition yourself in public areas.

Other People’s Perceptions – It is important that how transgender people are expressing yourself in public areas. There are many things that bothered you or other people and it really affects your comfort zone. For example, you are wearing your favorite dress while going out and you are quite comfortable and confident that you look amazing in this dress but there are people who might not think the same way that you are thinking and they will offend you. That the situation where you need to think and keep yourself calm and confident. You have to face this everywhere, in market, in your office clubs everywhere. This is what you have to prepare for and have to accept other people perceptive.

Your perception – However, people around you are important and their perception too but in the end its only you who have to deal with it and finally it’s your perception that how you are going to accept other people perception. This is not about other people but it’s only you who have to deal with it and make the things comfortable for yourself.  As we already discussed earlier, it’s the only you that matters in the end and not the people.

If you thing the surgery is the only way that helps you to be more comfortable than go with it. While there are various clothing options that can also work. It depends on you that how you would like you or pass you in different ways. There are many things that you can go with and test yourself. Accept your own perceptive first, it is important than anything else.

Legal Quality – There are many things that you need to change after your transition and all these need some legal action. First of all there are three major things that you need to change.

Your name – you have to change your name and it’s not quite that difficult, as far as we know that every country or state allows anyone to change his/her name.

Your Gender (male or female – to whom you would like to recognized with) – after transition it is mandatory to change your gender so that you can recognized with your gender too and not only by your name.

Birth certificate – you have to make amendments too in your birth certificate to make it real. However these are quite difficult but not impossible things to do.

So, these are the most common but major challenges that every transsexual have to face in his life. There are many other challenges too like marriage but that’s a different story.