Is dating with a Transsexual, makes you a Gay?


There are many questions and myths about dating with transsexuals. One of the biggest myths is – you are gay if you are dating with a transsexual person. Well many of us ask the similar questions in too many websites like but simply the answer is big NO. You are not gay if you are dating with a transsexual.

There are many men that called themselves ‘Straight’ but they are not actually straight. Does it mean that they are Gay, lesbian or bi-sexual? No, Not really. But this is the people perspective and would categorize them in different labels. That is the same case when we talk about transsexual. Basically we need to know after all it’s a men’s choice what he likes or dislikes about his sexual attraction or relationship. Dating with transsexual or transgender isn’t really relates to gay dating or lesbian dating. Many terms based on this theory are not relevant or not even related to reality of transsexual life.

However, it’s a fact that most of men are looking for transgender for dating. It is believed that a transsexual owns more feminine than a real women. To love and companionship, a transsexual is far better than genetic women. It is true that there are more complications with real women in bed or making love. But there isn’t really any issue with a transsexual. Because transsexuals were born as a male but having a mind of a female and this chemistry makes them more feminine than a genuine women. It is really hard to detect the transsexual due to the outfits that transsexuals wear and a kind of feminine they owns.

When we talk about the men who are interested in or dating transsexual are gay, this is not really true as gay men really don’t like to date any partner who is not a real man. Men dating with transsexual may be bi-sexual or straight but to really a gay. It is not correct to label them gay guys who are dating with a transsexual. Everyone has right to date anyone either he is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or even transsexual. There is nothing related to society wellness or illness, it’s all about personal desire, satisfaction, likes and dislikes about relationship or sexual orientation. No one can judge anyone’s relationship or his gender’s choice and likes. Being a transsexual is not any kind of illness or point of shame to anyone. This is the big thing and the fact that still have to be accepted or get approved by most of major countries.  However, few countries or states accepted this in all manners but still few are raising questions about their sexual orientation and bad effects to society.

Respect those who accepted themselves as a transsexual and never bothered about what other people or society will think about them.

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